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Ep 54: Hot Off The Presses

We’ve got an exciting Main Quest this week, so exciting we rush through our other segments! But first, there’s still time for John to make an ill-fated sports prediction. Our Main Quest focuses on “More than a feeling: Autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR) is characterized by reliable changes in affect and physiology” by Giulia Lara Poerio, Emma Blakey, Thomas J. Hostler, Theresa Veltri, a new research paper on ASMR published in the PLOS One journal.

Ep 53: 40th of July

This patriotic episode was recorded on Independence Day, but we don’t let our patriotism stop us from reporting all the ASMR information you need to know! We get another summer Ian report and it turns out his lavish new lifestyle is making him a little grumpy. W Mag has really upped their ASMR game, and the world of ASMR research has been upped as well! We have another update on Gibi because she has been on fire lately. We also learn about Ian’s views on Animojis and they may not be what you expect.

Marriage Advice with Katie Labounko

It turns out Katie has quite a few answers to the question “has anything exciting happened in your life recently.” She shares with us, advice on making your marriage last, her experience with arranged cat marriages, and more!

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